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Firmus developed from a small scale company started up in 1984 by Mr. Jerzy Cebo. Open to new challenges and various industries, the company grew to medium size enterprise specialized in designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing machines and devices for various industries. With its complete technical offer Firmus services clients around the world – from nuclear plants in the UK, through glass plants in Japan and USA, to agriculture machines in the Netherlands. The company is located in Olkusz, Poland. Firmus prioritizes customer service, quality production and growth.


The people behind Firmus success is a team of engineers, subject matter specialists, skilled operators, qualified welders and production workers. Our expertise allow us to successfully reach out to new certifications and qualifications to solve your technical challenges. On daily basis, 150 employees work on high quality solutions using leading edge equipment and experience with various industries. Whether custom work or series production, Firmus team is qualified to meet your needs.


In Firmus we are growth oriented. Whether in solutions for the client or internal development we reach out for news. You will find leading edge solutions in our machine park and in the production support systems, with an original production tracking system, digital quality control cards and full project traceability standing out. Currently we are introducing Industry 4.0 tools in our workshops.

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