Firmus operates in the sector
of construction of machinery, equipment and spare parts for  nuclear industry.

The company manufactures steel structures according to the following standards: ISO-3834, ISO-1090 and ISO 15085. Since 2019 Firmus has become FROSIO and ACQPA certified supplier of the painted structures.

Firmus has experience in supplying
(for nuclear and space industry):

  • End trucks for polar cranes
  • Full-length walkways and access elements
  • Mechanisms and components for structures and moving elements in nuclear containment area
  • Auxiliary gantry crane for construction of the polar cranes at nuclear plants
  • Structural  components  for  Mechanical  Ground  Support  Equipment used in space projects

We can work and weld most metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous.

Our welding department is well versed using the most commonly employed processes, including136/138, 131/135, E-111, TIG-141, 121, 522 and 21 methods. Reference projects in nuclear business:Flamanville and Hinkley Point C.

We are proud to be recognized by Polski Atom organization.


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