Stirrers for glass

Firmus offers innovative stirrers for the glass industry produced in a new technology.

The innovative technology was developed by Firmus employees as part of the company’s R&D activities and in cooperation with academic research centers.

The technology is characterized by shorter production times and better environmental parameters, including reduced electricity and welding gas consumption

The most important features of innovative agitators are:

  • Change of construction material
  • Design changes – finger spacing, coolant circulation
  • Changes in the production technology – reduction of the number of welds, robotic welding.

What benefits for the customer?

  • Greater durability of the device
  • Improved sealing
  • Greater homogenization of the glass mass
  • Reduced energy consumption at the production process

The proposed technological changes reduce operating costs and equipment replacement costs.

Our innovative technology includes all types of stirrers/mixers/agitators in the production of float glass.

We deliver in Poland and abroad. We invite you to submit inquiries.

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