Production line for reinforcing baskets

The line is designed for the production of reinforcing baskets.

The line can produce rebar baskets from 8mm, 10mm and 12mm diameter rebar wire. The wire grade depends on the customer’s order. The wire should be delivered as a coil.

Reinforcement cage with dimensions in the range shown in the table below

Range [mm]  Increment [mm]
Length 2500 – 4000 5
Width 1500 – 4000 50
Height 120 – 250 10
Bar diameter 8, 10 or 12
Spacing of longitudinal loops 150 and 200
Spacing of cross loops 150 and 200


Dimensions 21,5m x 10,5m x 4,5m
Weight of the line   35 ton


Maximum supply current 400A


Compressed air supply pressure 8 bar


Installed power 245,5 kW


Input material parameters: Reinforcing wire


  1. Straightening machine 1 – for straightening 8mm and 10mm diameter wire
  2. Straightening machine 2 – for straightening wire with a diameter of 12mm
  3. Roller conveyor with a drive that delivers straightened rods from straightening machines to the bending machine
  4. Double head bender for bending rods
  5. Butt welding machine to weld bars with diameter from 8 to 12mm
  6. Chute separating the loops between the turntable and the longitudinal loop magazine trolley
  7. Turntable 90˚ delivering the loops to the “ladder” welder
  8. Ladder” welder to weld transverse reinforcing bars to transverse loops
  9. Module receiving the transverse loops from the “ladder” welder and inserting them in the welded area of the reinforcement cage

10. Looping trolley filling up the longitudinal loop magazine

11. Longitudinal loop magazine

12. Locking system of longitudinal loops during welding of rebar

13. Positioning system for longitudinal and transverse loops during welding of rebar

14. YASKAWA AR3120 welding robot

15. roller conveyor with gripper for extracting the finished reinforcing steel basket

Pictures of currently manufactured baskets

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