Support for fastening workpiece during machining on CNC machines


Firmus offers supports for fastening workpiece during metal processing on CNC machines.


The support facilitates inserting and removing the workpiece from the machine, shortening the time of the whole operation and reducing its complexity.


The developed support will allow to increase the accuracy and repeatability of elements made on CNC machines, thanks to the stable fastening of the workpiece during machining (vibration reduction, perpendicular positioning with respect to the spindle).


Advantages of the support:

  • for low series production,
  • for all types of CNC machines,
  • reusable component
  • adapts to the dimensions of the workpiece by using height adjusters +/- 0.1 mm,
  • for workpieces weighing up to max. 20 T,
  • exchangeable clamping element.


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